For over 120 years, the House of Adler has controlled every single step of production, from choosing and buying stones from all over the world to customising sales in its exclusive boutiques, including polishing, design, and marketing.

Fascinating, unique, sensual, Marilyn Monroe, eternal icon of Hollywood glamour, was also a woman with multiple facets. Endowed with a voice of gold, she liked to sing of her love of diamonds, calling them “a girl’s best friend”.


The saga of the House of Adler began with a grandfather who devoted himself to his love of precious stones. Born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Jacques Adler did his apprenticeship in a jewelers workshop in Vienna and then went on to set up his firm in Istanbul in 1886. His passion for gemstones had led him to this centre of the jeweler’s art. The family firm remained there for a century. In the heart of the jewelers’ quarter of the city, surrounded by gold and silversmiths, the firm gradually perfected its skills and built up its immense ‘savoir-faire’.
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As in all aspects of its vast culture, the art of Byzantium is a fascinating blend of its classical heritage with diverse later influences. This city of immense contrasts is found at the crossroads of maritime routes linking the East of theMediterranean, and of ancient highways between Europe and Asia.

Adler has always cherished this merging of the voluptuous Orient with the austere refinement of the Western tradition, the clash of heat and ice, this union of magic and reason.

Jacques Adler’s descendants have carefully maintained this prestigious tradition and gave the firm an international dimension. Adler creativity soars above the arbitrary limits, which geographical frontiers would like to impose on us.

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Adler maintains a bold spirit, displays outstanding flexibility, and remains open to the world. Adler does not hesitate in cutting stones again to fit a drawing, in mixing colors, in combining stones with other precious or noble materials. Adler stems from an old line of jewelers with the know-how of high repute while looking at the future and creating jewels, always one innovation ahead of the next trend.