Amiri Gems boasts a very broad and diverse collection of jewelry for all types of occasions and all types of people.

From a casual everyday-wear ring to a wedding set, Amiri Gems products express each and all of our clients’ desires.


Jewellery, in all its beauty, is more than mere decoration. It has a language of its own, a voice that we ourselves have given it.

The products at Amiri Gems are created to the highest quality standards and with the best materials available, however it is the craftsmanship that brings these pieces to life. With extraordinary vision and immaculate attention to detail, our artists craft every single piece of jewellery to the best of their ability and as uniquely as possible.



Catering to the needs of our clients, Amiri Gems provides a vast variety of styles and wide range of exquisitely-designed jewellery, to be passed on from generation to generation.