Luxurious Jewels from the House of Amrapali shaped in elegant constituents personify the heritage of India with a modern eclectic twist.

Amrapali was a renowned royal courtesan said to have lived around 500BC in ancient India, she is also the timeless symbol of a Muse, one who brings you inspiration, intuition, and higher vision through her timeless beauty and grace. Amrapali’s extraordinary beauty and charm was also known far and wide.


She is mentioned in the old Pali and Buddhist traditions, particularly in conjunction with the Buddha staying at her mango grove. The timelessness of the legend, and its immediate association to feminine beauty, delight and India’s heritage make it the ideal association for the brand.

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Led by the passion of its founders, Rajiv Arora& Rajesh Ajmera, two heritage enthusiasts and history students, Amrapali is the finest reflection of India’s unmatched jewellery traditions and workmanship.

Renowned for its signature magnificent pieces and rare craftsmanship, Amrapali harmonizes classical tradition, with a modern interpretation of ancient aesthetic and techniques.

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