Chatila is one of the few luxury brand companies remaining, having been in business for as long as it has, which is still a family-run enterprise: A company where the name on the door is the same as the people who run the company on a day-today basis.

This places it in a unique category, allowing the deliverance of that all-important, personal touch when dealing with clients.

What visually distinguishes one jewel from the next is a matter of creativity and design. With their decades of experience, the Chatila craftsmen have perfected their talent for handling even the finest and most complicated of settings for beautiful jewellery.


Chatila jewellers was founded in 1860. A family-run business, each member of the Chatila family is an established expert in dealing with rare diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones.

Chatila clients can expect to find rare, coloured and highly sought-after stones in any of its locations, although Chatila also exhibits at various jewellery and fine art exhibitions around the world throughout the year.


With its 150-year history, and having gained a name for its designs and craftsmanship, the Chatila family has established beyond question that its jewellery is timeless and fashionable.

These are the qualities that give Chatila a place among the top diamond and gem traders in the world.

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